To design and implement a modern system of higher education inspired by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and earliest generations of Muslims.

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About Us Al-Kawthar
At Al-Kawthar, We Strive to Develop Well Rounded Personalities by building the Thought Process, Wisdom, and Intellect. Contact Us


Al-Kawthar University

Al-Kawthar University is an idea born out of necessity. A fraternity of seasoned educationists with international exposure, who felt there were a lot of gaps to be bridged with regard to the objectives and methods of education, the environment, and the quality of the end product (the graduates), came together to offer a platform where truly educated personalities and accomplished teachers may be developed.

Director's Message

Ustadh Asim Ismail Jaffrani

“I welcome you to our portal for holistic learning, Al-Kawthar University, where we are striving to integrate knowledge and learning with analysis and application. With our ideology being central to everything we learn and teach at Al-Kawthar, we are socially responsive and contextually relevant bringing together all faculties of learning in human together at this unique institution with all our physical, moral and emotional resources invested in our purpose of existence.

Looking forward to your joining us in this journey of excellence”

Our Vision

To design and implement a modern system of higher education inspired by
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and earliest generations of Muslims.

Our Educational Programs

Our educational programs pave the way for social progress and intellectual advancement. Each curriculum has been created to disseminate an impartial package of knowledge that encourages the students to engage in critical thought and draw their own conclusions. The list of programs is given below in detail.

It is bound to be a one-of-its- kind experience. The comprehensive 8 year program has been painstakingly restructured and designed over a wide intellectual horizon.

BS Islamic Studies is offered at Al-Kawthar not as an academic course only, but as a life changing experience.

Wherever in the world education is a high priority, the teachers are not only knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise, but also are they trained in the modern techniques and methods of delivering education.

Arabic is one of the oldest and richest languages of the world. For Muslims, it bears a special importance as it is the language of the divine communication. To understand the Holy Quran first hand, a complete grip over the language is imperative.

The study of the human mind may be the most enigmatic path to follow. Much has been researched; much is still to be explored.

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